Double Dribble Youth Programs

Double Dribble Youth Programs are designed for school age children from grades 3 to 12 or ages 8 to 17. The program consist of mini (hourly) to year length activities, covering fundamental basketball drills to extensive competition within and across school districts, using Co-Ed concepts and principles.

Our partnership with GymRatz, an organization of basketball instructional trainers and coaches, we are capable of delivering "powered" training activities to coaches and youth. Beginning in the summer of 2015, paralleling our Inaugural Pro Season, our Double a Dribble Program consists of three basic components with additional academic initiatives for a more comprehensive approach to basketball: 1. Camps, 2. Leagues, and 3. Tournaments.

Our package of program offerings for youth can be tailored -fitted to accommodate local interests and needs. Mini Camps are organized in hourly time blocks, half- day, and full day sessions. Multi-day models along with week and semester length camps can be arranged in our "Premium Packages."

Youth Leagues, our next component are designed for local communities that desire competitive Co-Ed Programming instituted within their areas. Through Double Dribble, we can establish and operate youth leagues for interested locales. Extensive training of local personnel and advanced drills and competition are the hallmarks of this component.

Finally, Co-Ed Youth Tournaments within and across districts can be designed to take advantage of communities that wish to gain an edge in basketball competition. Tournaments can be held within existing community facilities or in competing locales.

Special holiday or event tournaments can be scheduled around significant historical persons, federal/state memorial occasions, or local benefits/ceremonies.

Communities must commit to Facilities/Gym Usage/Space. Advanced scheduling to allow Double Dribble activities to be integrated within the communities must be given serious priory by decision makers. This would entail communities to allow Gyms to remain open and available for After School Usage (ASU) during the weekdays and weekends.

Rules will be modified for youth; however, the essence of Co-Ed Basketball shall remain the foci of all activities.

Year-around youth programs will require communities to establish a Representative Co-Ed Basketball Council to oversee implementation.


Heather Swart, National Director of Basketball Operations




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