Center Jump Basketball Association, Inc. is "The World's Original and First Professional Mixed Gender Basketball League!"


Mission Statement

MGBA™ Mission is to establish a professional basketball league and tournament, structured on principles of gender equity and fairness where by male and female athletes join together in team competition in the best interest of basketball.



Vision Statement

MGBA™ Vision Statement is to be a global partner and world leader in developing mixed gender professional sports.



“Equal Pay for Equal Play!”



What is the MGBA™ Concept?

Simply put, in MGBA™ mixed basketball league, men and women play together on the same team against other teams composed of male and female roundballers in league and tournament competition wherein no more than three and no less than two players of either sex may be on the court at one time with team composition alternating in successive quarters.

MGBA™ Core Values & Mission

  • Promoting The Mixed Gender Team Concept Nationally And Internationally

  • Providing Professional Opportunities For Players, Coaches, Trainers, Officials, And Business Partners.

  • Encouraging Spectator Participation And Support.

  • Fostering In Youth Character Development, Positive Attitudes, And Fair Play.

  • Creating Purposeful Regulations To Sustain Cultural Values And Gender Equity.

  • Assuring That The Actions Of MGBA Personnel, Owners, Coaches, Game Officials, Spectators, Etc. Reflect Openness To Change And Design Of Basketball Operations.

  • Assuring That No Team Member, Coach, Official, Etc. Are Treated Differently Because Of Gender, Race, Culture, Or Ethnicity That Would Negatively Impact These Core Values.

  • Assuring Gender Diversity By Organizing Team Composition And Game Play Based Upon Equitable Opportunities And Time For Men And Women To Combine Their Unique Athletic Talents And Skills For The Betterment Of The Game.

  • Helping Our Sponsors To Build Their Brands, Increase Sells, And Earn Higher Profits.

  • Increasing Corporate Profits By Identifying And Growing Our Fan Base, Owners, And Media Affiliates.

  • Generating New And Diverse Revenue Streams For Corporate Expansio

  • Sponsoring Mixed Gender Sports Camps, Training, Official Professional Development, Etc.