Team Ownership

How can I secure more information about owning a Center Jump Professional Basketball, Inc team?
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Will owners have the flexibility to locate their team anywhere they please?
Within CJPB, Inc. guidelines, owners can place their teams in most areas which they desire?

What is the cost to own a CJPB, Inc. Team?
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Will owners select their own players and bring them into the league?
All players must progress through the tryout process regardless of whether an owner intends to bring a team into the league. All players will be properly vetted before participating.

How will the CJPB, Inc. Draft Pool work?
The CJPB, Inc. draft is divided into a sequence of rounds where players remain in the selection process until all of the teams have picked 10 players (5 men and 5 women). After the first year, teams will draft in reverse order with the team with the poorest regular season record selecting first and so on until all available spots are satisfied for each team, beginning with the teams that did not enter the playoffs.

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